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19 Years Experience, Countless Parts Happy Hearts..!!

     Welcome to 50 States Auto Parts! We started as a young entrepreneurial adventure in the field of “Used Auto Parts,” and we are now celebrating 19 years of success with a large customer base across the United States and Canada. We are committed to providing high-quality used auto parts at the lowest possible price.    

Our Story:

We started our journey in the used auto parts business because we have been in the same situation as you finding the best-used auto parts for our vehicle. When we ended up paying a large amount for used auto parts, we felt the problem that many are facing to get quality used auto parts within the limited budget. Then we thought of starting “50 States Auto Parts”, a small business located in Florida. Within a short time, our clientele grew across the US and Canada completing 19 plus successful years. From day one we are striving to connect people selling their auto parts with people searching for “Used Auto Parts” at a discounted rate. 

Get the Right Used Auto Parts at the Cheapest Price:

If you are looking for any used auto part replacement for your vehicle, 50 States Auto Parts is there to assist you! We are the leading online used auto parts seller in the US and Canada. Our network is spread across the US and Canada and our inventory includes all of the top makes and models of auto parts. So, if you’re looking for used auto parts for your car, van, or truck, 50 States Auto Parts is a “One-Stop Shop” for all your needs at a discounted rate. 

Why we are the Best in the Field of Used Auto Parts?

  The main advantage of purchasing with 50 States Auto Parts is that our auto parts can still work for a long time. We focus on the quality, brand, and made material to add to our used auto parts inventory. All used auto parts undergo multiple stages of QC like, leakage, loose parts, oil testing, working condition, and any hair crack in the assembly. Only after making sure that the parts are of good quality and purchased from a reliable supplier. If you have any doubts regarding the quality and efficiency of our parts, you are always welcome to contact us during working hours. 

How do 50 States Auto Parts Works?

To get your used auto part, all you have to do is to fill the form by entering your make and model information along with the part you require on the main page of our website. We will search our suppliers for your required parts and provide you with the appropriate used auto parts at a much lower rate than in the market. Before payment we will send the quotation from our network team. You can compare all of the prices and choose the best one for you from our large inventory. In this manner, you are guaranteed to get the best quality used auto parts and save huge money.

Benefits of joining Hands with 50 States Auto Parts:

The main benefit of purchasing your used auto part with 50 States Auto Parts is that you can get 20% off with free shipment on every order. All this is possible by sitting on your couch and getting free home delivery within 3 to 5 working days. 

Meanwhile, you will be given a tracking ID and search for other parts you need. One more benefit is hassle-free after-sale service with 90 plus days warranty and an extendable warranty option. 

We offer all major brands’ makes and models, so you need not search for your needs in any other place. When you select a part, we will assign a dedicated salesperson to you from shipping to till delivery process. 

“Get The Best For What You Pay!”

We revolutionized the Used Auto Parts Industry by providing best available components, mainly with low mileage OEMs, zero errors at an affordable price. As a result, we became the market’s leading “Used Auto Parts” selling company. We’ve been customer-centric since then, with a focus on continuous improvement, creative problem solving, and adapting to an ever-changing competitive landscape.

"No Compromise on Quality, No Match to Our Auto Parts"

We made buying used car parts much easier and more affordable, so you don’t have to think about scrapping your old car and buying a new one. We have a large network across the United States and Canada, so you can rely on us for those difficult-to-find “Used Car Parts.” As a leader in the Used Auto Parts industry, we are focusing on reusing recyclable auto parts as part of our “Go Green Initiative” to conserve natural resources.

“Connect with Us to Keep Your Vehicle Up and Running!”

We have thousands of Used Auto Parts in our inventory, so we can meet all of your custom needs. Call us with your car model name, year, and part description, or fill out our online form. Our custom quote includes free shipping and a warranty of 90+ days on used auto parts, with the option of an extended warranty. So, what are you still waiting for? Call us today for the best “Used Auto Part Replacement”, and get a free quote for your car, truck, van, or SUV.

Why Choose 50 States Auto Parts?
We strive to be a responsible firm with respect to our Green Initiative, and proud to be the automotive industry’s largest Used Auto Parts recycler. We are making purchasing processes easier, hassle free and less time consuming to our customers across US and Canada. Our Wide Range Used Auto Part Catalog fulfills all your needs. Our aftersales services won’t let you down for any of your query or issues. 

You Can Count on Us for:

  • A Grade Quality Used Auto Parts
  • 90 Days Warranty plus Extended Option
  • Save money with our After Sales Services
  • Competitive Pricing with Free Shipping
  • Timely Delivery covering return policy incase damages

Our Mission:

To bring high-quality auto parts to the masses at reasonable prices and to remove the myth that old parts aren’t good enough.

Our Values:

We believe in delivering our customers more than what they expect to get. 

Our Inventory Includes Used Car Parts for Major Makes & Models.

Why Choose Us

mario guillen USA
Johnny Spire USA

Could not be happier with my buying experience at 50 States. I searched for 2 days to find my part, to no avail. 1 email to John Christopher at 50 States, and parts on the way!!! Thank you !!!!Johnny spire.

Eric Schwartz USA

This is an AMAZING company. Their prime focus is on Customer Service and making sure you are satisfied. I recently bought a very rare and hard to find part for my limeted edition vehicle. I called several different companies. 50 States was not only the only company to find my part, but they were in continuous contact with me to make sure the part was correct and was indeed satifactory. The Auto Parts business has a poor enough stigma.. Not these guys. They are true form and 100% dedicated to customer servicew. I hope I do not need parts again but when I do my only stop will be 50 States Auto Parts.

Roy Brock USA

Charlie was great help. Thanks guys

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Great customer service from Charlie Miller

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Charlie Miller was extremely efficient with my order, thank you!

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Great place great people, excellent customer service and the part turned out to be the same as promised. Thank you 50 States Auto i will definitely buy again and refer my friends and family.


I would like to thank Charlie Miller for an exceptional job in supplying me with a part I have been looking for.

Kevin Lucase USA

Charlie Miller was very helpful in finding my part and went to great lengths to make sure that I will recieve it soon.

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Charlie Miller Fifty States Auto Parts was awesome! Exceptional Customer Service will return again ! Thanks Charlie !

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I just bought a hard to find engine from Charlie Miller at 50 States Auto Parts ... He was very helpful and I enjoyed working with him. Good place to find an engine.

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