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Used Alternator


        An alternator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy (AC) at a specific voltage and frequency. The alternator distributes electricity to the vehicle and recharges the battery.  


       The alternator is the second most important component in a vehicle’s electrical system, after the battery. While the battery provides power and stability, the alternator recharges the battery. Except for some hybrid models, every vehicle equipped with a standard internal combustion engine will have an alternator mounted to the front side of the engine and ringed to a belt. This direct current produced can be used for ignition, lights, fans, and other purposes. 

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First Use of Alternator:

       During World War II, modern vehicle alternators were first used in military applications to power radio equipment on special purpose vehicles. Other vehicles with high electrical demands, such as ambulances and radio taxis, could be equipped with optional alternators after the war.

How does an Alternator work?

       Motor vehicles require direct current rather than alternating current, an alternator is used in conjunction with a diode rectifier to convert the current from AC to DC. Alternators being more robust and lightweight replaced DC Dynamos over the years. The mechanical process of rotating the magnet generates a current that delivers energy without converting it to direct currents (DC). This device only generates energy when it is required, making it extremely efficient.

       The alternator can turn on or off when the battery needs to be recharged, so your car will not die if left running for long periods. If your car is still running, one telltale sign of a bad alternator is that the battery is drained. This indicates that the battery is not being charged by the device.

Why are Alternators Used in Car?

       An Alternator is like blood in your vein, from ignition to switching on AC your vehicle needs an alternator. It generates the power that your car or truck requires to run and works together with the battery to provide an electrical current. 

  • It charges the battery to power the vehicle’s other components.
  • An alternator current also powers the Self-starter motor, which is a critical feature of the ignition system.
  • It continuously generates a charge that is used to power the car while driving.

Top Alternators Model in the Market-2022:

  • ACDelco GM Original Equipment Alternators:

General Motors owns the ACDelco automotive parts brand in the US. By all records, the company is an Original Equipment Manufacturer, but its products are so reasonably priced that it doesn’t feel like typical OEM overpricing. This product is compatible with GM Vehicles like Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Hummer, and GMC. You can find the best quality used alternator at 50 States Auto Parts. 

  • Bosch Automotive New Alternators:

Bosch is a global brand known for its quality and wide range of auto parts. Choosing Bosch can be costly, but it is never a bad investment. All new Bosch alternators cost around $170 to $220 for F-Series and E-Series size vehicles and $120 to $180 for commercial vehicles. At 50 States Auto Parts, you can get your Used Bosch Alternator much below the market price with a warranty. 

  • DB Electrical Alternators:

DB Electrical may be an unfamiliar name, but it promises the same level of quality and fitment. DB Electrical manufactures alternators from the ground up, with no remanufacturing. The majority of DB Electrical alternators range in price from $110 to $180, with a few models costing around $250. You can count on us to get the Used DB Alternator below the actual price in very good condition. 

  • Powermaster Alternator:

Powermaster is another true American brand that provides high-quality alternators at reasonable prices. Their parts are very popular among drivers looking for a cheaper non-OEM alternative. And you can get the best quality used alternator at 50 States Auto Parts. 

  • Premier Gear Alternator:

The Premier Gear alternators are notable for their low price, which is quickly followed by high-quality production, making these alternators one of the best options on the market. The market price for the new Premier Alternator is between $70 and $130, which are among the lowest prices available, and with 50 States Auto Parts, you can even get at much below the price. 

Know Your Alternator’s Health?

Few indications help you to understand the working condition of your Alternator or a faulty alternator. 

  • Starting Trouble for your Vehicle:

If you are facing continuous battery discharge, or the engine dies again and again within seconds or minutes of jumping the battery. Then the problem lies with your alternator. 

  • Engine Stalling:

A faulty alternator almost always results in a vehicle that will not start.

  • Electrical Issues:

A faltering alternator can cause a variety of other electrical problems. Your headlights may appear dimmer than usual, or their brightness may change significantly. 

  • Unusual Sounds:

Bad alternators frequently make loud or unusual noises. If the alternator’s belt has become misaligned or overly worn, you may hear strange squeaking sounds from beneath your hood.

       If you notice any of these symptoms, you can call the given toll-free number for quick assistance. Please contact 50 States Auto Parts to replace your car’s alternator with the best Used Alternator at much below market price with huge discounts. 

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Our Inventory Includes Used Alternators for Car Models Like:

  • Used Alternator For AMC
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  • Used Alternator For Genesis
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  • Used Alternator For Lexus
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  • Used Alternator For Mercedes
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  • Used Alternator For Mini
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  • Used Alternator For Nissan
  • Used Alternator For Oldsmobile
  • Used Alternator For Pontiac
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  • Used Alternator For Suzuki
  • Used Alternator For Toyota
  • Used Alternator For Jeep
  • Used Alternator For Nissan
  • Used Alternator For Volkswagen
  • Used Alternator For Volvo
  • Used Alternator For Land Rover

Check Before Buying Your Used Alternator:

  • Flexible Warranty Options
  • Alternator Seals
  • Conduct a Voltmeter Test
  • Check for physical damages

Is it Reliable to Choose a Used Alternator?

      The wire windings on an alternator can crack or break down over time, leaving your car unable to generate enough current to charge the battery. Often people prefer a new alternator, but using a used alternator makes no difference until it is tested. The alternator will not operate at full capacity if the wire windings are damaged or distracted. You can rely on 50 States Auto Parts for a Used Alternator, rather than purchase a new one. It performs and delivers the same voltage at a much lower price  

Our Used Alternator shipment includes:

  • Performance testing
  • Quality Check
  • Life cycle testing
  • Checks minor cracks or scratches
  • Protective packaging

Duration of Alternators:

       It depends on how you use it, car model, age of your vehicle, and undue stress on the Alternator. In normal conditions, an Alternator lasts for 8 to 10 years which is around 80,000 to 100,000 miles. For challenging terrains like hilly or cold places its durability decreases to 7 to 8 years. If you find any difficulty kindly contact 50 State Auto parts.

How to Maintain Alternator?

  • Regular use of Alternator of your car
  • Check electrical switches and sensors
  • Regular cleaning and tightening of  alternator belts
  • Maintaining proper condition and oiling to your alternator

Indication to Change Alternator:

       The alternator keeps your car charged up and keeps your vehicle moving. If you are encountering often battery drain or ignition problems, then it’s time to change or replace your Alternator with 50 States Auto Parts.   

Get Complete Help about Used Alternator for Your Vehicle:

       50 States Auto Parts is a reputed used part selling firm, having 19 plus successful years. We are here to assist you if you have any questions or concerns about the Alternator, Used Alternator, or any other issues. The information needed to obtain the used alternator is frequently found on the alternator itself, making it easy to find. If not, call us at the given toll-free number +1 (888)-262-0001. We’ll be able to tell you exactly which one you need and the reasonable price of a used alternator is much lower than the market price. 

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