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Used AMC Auto Parts

About AMC:

AMC has been defunct since 1988 when it was purchased by Chrysler, but AMC vehicles can still be found on the road and in garages across the country. Some of American Motors’ vehicles, such as the AMC Gremlin, are among the most famous and popular models in history.

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American Motors Corporation was an American automobile manufacturing company formed on May 1, 1954, by the merger of Nash-Kelvinator Corporation and Hudson Motor Car Company. It was the largest corporate merger in US history at the time. The most similar competitors to American Motors were automakers with comparable annual sales levels, such as Studebaker, Packard, Kaiser Motors, and Willys-Overland. The Big Three: Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler—were their main competitors.          

American Motors’ product line included small cars such as the Rambler American, which debuted in 1950 as the Nash Rambler, Hornet, Gremlin, and Pacer; intermediate and full-sized cars such as the Ambassador, Rambler Classic, Rebel, and Matador; muscle cars such as the Marlin, AMX, and Javelin; and early four-wheel drive variants of the Eagle and Jeep Wagoneer, the first true crossovers in the United States market.

American Motors was widely known for the design work of chief stylist Dick Teague, who “had to make do with a much tighter budget than his counterparts at Detroit’s Big Three,” but “had a knack for making the most of his employer’s investment.” Following periods of intermittent independent success, Renault purchased a majority stake in American Motors in 1979, and the company was eventually purchased by Chrysler.

Are American Motors Auto Parts are Costly to Fix/Expensive?

American Motors is becoming increasingly expensive as a nationwide inventory shortage worsens. Most car manufacturers are experiencing major production issues due to a shortage of semiconductor chips. In the case of American Motors, customers may discover that their favorite vehicle is significantly more expensive than normal prices.

American Motors can last a long time if properly maintained, and the yearly maintenance cost is an average of $ 700 to $ 1000 per year. American Motors, like all vehicles, require routine oil changes, tire rotations, inspections, and other maintenance to keep them running smoothly.

Unless you have a major part failure like engine, transmissions, ABS, etc., you need not worry about major expenses in servicing your American Motors. As the parts of American Motors are durable you need not worry about expensive repairs and replacements. If your car is out of warranty then you can save your money by opting for used American Motors parts with 50 States Auto Parts.

Quality Used American Motors Parts:

  • American Motors Engines: From 1954 to 2006, the American Motors Corporation (AMC) used V8, straight-6, V6, and straight-4 engines in a variety of passenger cars and Jeep vehicles. Some engines were designed by AMC or inherited from their constituents. Others were purchased from or had their design purchased from, other manufacturers.

  When it comes to engine manufacturing, they simply do not cut corners the way other manufacturers do. Their engine components are made of higher quality metal and are thoroughly tested before leaving the factory. 

  • Popular Selling American Motors Engines:
    • Used AMC V8 engine
    • Used AMC Straight-6 Engine 
    • Used AMC Straight-4 Engine
  • American Motors Transmission: American Motors Transmission parts are most problematic since their production. While the majority of their vehicles have long-lasting transmissions, there are a few exceptions. Transmissions can last 300,000 miles or more with proper care & maintenance. Fluid changes, transmission inspections, and band adjustments regularly can save you thousands of dollars in the event of a transmission failure. The first symptom is usually a rough ride, with bucking and jerking, particularly at higher speeds.
    • Popular Selling American Motors Transmission:
      • Used 21 Spline Transmission
      • Used 23 Spline Transmission 
      • Used Gen-2 AMC V8

Get a Quote for Other Used American Motors Auto Parts Model:

  • AMC Ambassador
  • Nash Ambassador
  • Nash 600
  • AMC Amitron
  • Rambler American
  • Budd XR-400
  • AMC Cavalier
  • AMC Concord
  • AMC Eagle
  • AMC Gremlin
  • AMC Hornet
  • Hudson Hornet
  • Hudson Italia
  • Hudson Jet
  • Hudson Rambler
  • Hudson Wasp
  • AMC Javelin
  • Jeep CJ
  • Jeep Wagoneer
  • Rambler Marlin
  • AMC Matador
  • AMC Metropolitan
  • M422 Mighty Mite
  • AMC Pacer
  • Rambler (automobile)
  • Rambler Classic
  • Rambler Rebel
  • Rambler Six and V8
  • Nash Rambler
  • AMC Rebel
  • AMC Spirit
  • AMC Rambler Tarpon
  • AMC Machine

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