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Used Axle Shaft

        Axle shafts are known for their heavy-duty, load-bearing capacity commonly used in automobiles. Axle Shafts also known as CV axles or half-shafts, transfer rotational force from the vehicle’s transmission system to the wheels attached to the axles.

       Axles are rotating or non-rotating members that experience only bending moments as a result of the members they support. It does not convey torque. In other words, an axle does not twist; rather, it bends.

       A shaft is a rotating power tool, usually circular in cross-section, that is used to transmit power from one part to another, or from a power-producing machine to a power-absorbing machine.


       Axle Shaft is designed in such a way to withstand heavy loads, cargo, riders, and bulky vehicle mass. It stabilizes and equalizes the strain on the wheels, thus preventing damages caused due to physical impact from collisions, potholes, and rough roads.

Working Method of Axle Shaft:

Axles are connected within vehicles to perform two important functions: 

  1. They transmit torque from variation to the wheel via planetary gear arrangement.
  2. They maintain the position of the wheels about each other and the vehicle body.

       Finally, axle shafts allow vehicles to roll and control the movement of their wheels. The vehicle’s wheels would not move properly or at all if the drive shafts were not reliable.

Types of Axles:

  • Semi-floating Axle Shaft:

A semi-floating axle has a bearing on the axle as well as inside the axle casing. It must support all of the loads listed above. As a result, it must be larger for the same torque output as any other type. The differential side gear supports the axle’s inner end. 

The axle shaft has flange faces on both outer ends in this design. These faces are directly attached to the associated wheels.

  • Three-Quarter Floating Axle Shaft:

These axle shafts incorporate design elements from both semi-floating and fully floating axle shafts. Bearings are located between the axle casing and the hub axle shaft in three-quarter floating axle shafts. 

However, shearing or bending forces are not applied to the bearings.

  • Fully Floating Axle Shaft:

Two deep groove ball or taper roller bearings are located between the axle casing and the wheel hub on a full floating axle. The outer surface of an axle is flanged, and the wheel hub is bolted to it. 

The axle is not supported at either end by a bearing, and its position is maintained by the way it is supported at both ends.

Stress on the Axle Shaft:

  • Torsional stress during driving and braking torque.
  • Shear stress caused by vehicle weight. 
  • Bending stress caused by vehicle weight.
  • Cornering forces cause tensile and compressive stress.

How Many Axles a Car can have?

       Most automobiles have two axles that rotate the wheels. Larger and heavy-duty vehicles with more passengers and wheels may have more axles. It’s simple to figure out how many axles your car or other vehicle has. 

       Simply look at your car from the side and count the number of pairs of tires. Most automobiles have four tires in total, or two sets of tires, one in front and one in back. Two axles are equal to two sets of tires.

Best Available Axle Shafts in the Market:

       The market is full of different brands and products. It is always confusing which one to choose within our budget. It is not always the budget constraint, sometimes it depends on the brand and suitable product that better suits your vehicle.  Here is the list of top-quality axel shafts on the market. Choose your product, and 50 States Auto Parts will deliver the best quality used axle shaft to your doorstep.

  • USA Standard Gear Axle Shaft:
    • This is vehicle-specific and precision machined
    • Axle Shaft for Chevrolet Chevelle/Camaro 
  • Gevog 1pc Front Side Axle Shaft:
    • Position is fixed: Front Left + Right Driver + Passenger Side
    • Designed for superior strength and durability with solid steel material and fine craftsmanship
    • Known for best performance and fit
    • Easy to install and use
    • Get at low cast with 50 States Auto Parts
  • Dorman Drive Axle Shaft:
    • Direct replacement, suitable for all makes and models
    • Trustworthy and best quality auto part
    • Designed for a long duration with ensured performance
    • Compatible with Select Ford / Lincoln / Mercury Models
  • Yukon Gear & Axle::
    • Cut-To-Length Axle Shaft for GM 14-Bolt Truck 30-Spline 11.5 
    • Before buying verify the axle shaft for the latest models. 
  • Torq-Masters Chromoly Front Axle Shaft:
    • Warranty is limited and you can get an extended warranty with 50 States Auto Parts.
    • Get Fully assembled shafts and 4340 Chromoly
  • Detroit Axle Shaft:
    • Lifetime warranty guarantee suitable to Foreign and Domestic Passenger Cars, Trucks, and SUVs
    • Overall Length: 25 7/16″ 
    • Inner Spline: 35 
    • Outer Spline: 26 
    • Inner Shape: Male ABS 
    • On Axle: Yes
  • Spicer 43205 Axle Shaft DANA 30:
    • OE Replacement
    • Manufactured in Mexico 
  • Traxxas Axle Shaft:
    • Outer Joints are rubber sealed and lubricated for extra protection
    • Ultimate torque handlers with ultimate power transfer
    • Nickel plated shafts with custom-made black silicone booting

Drive Shaft Vs Axle Shaft:

       Drive shafts and axle shafts are both used for the power transition that aids vehicle movement. A drive shaft, on the other hand, is a hollow metal tube with universal end joints that transfers power from the transmission to the rear differential gearbox. The power is then transferred to the wheels via the axle shaft.

       Axle shafts are made of solid rods with teeth cut into both ends. Whereas drive shafts are visible in the vehicle’s center, the axle shaft is concealed within the perpendicular place that connects the rear differential gearbox to each wheel.

Get the Best Quality Used Axle Shaft from 50 States Auto Parts:

       Are you looking for the best replacement for the axle shaft for your vehicle? Before buying a new axle shaft, go through this. Buying used auto parts is okay until you end up with a recognized dealer. Now you can get your “Used Axle Shaft” at a much-discounted rate than any other dealer with 50 States Auto Parts. 

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Check Before Buying Your Used Axle Shaft:

  • Flexible Warranty Options
  • Axle Shaft Seals
  • Conduct an Oil Test
  • Check for physical damages

The Durability of Axle Shaft:

       The lifespan of your axle shaft depends on the usage, the terrain, and made material. Usually, it lasts for 100,000 miles, and for hilly or challenging terrain it decreases rapidly (60,000 miles). You need to check to oil, greasing, and others for the better working of your car’s axle shaft. 

When to Change Your Vehicle’s, Axle Shaft?

       Because the entire axle assembly must be removed anyway, replacing the assembly makes more sense than just servicing a CV joint boot. Total replacement is a good option as long as your budget matches. Now you need not worry, get the best quality used axle shaft at half price. With 50 States Auto Parts. Depending on usage, axle shafts can last the life of the vehicle or wear out sooner. Here are some indications that your axle shaft should be replaced: 

  • Excessive vibrations in moving vehicle
  • Audible clicking during turns
  • The CV joint is leaking grease onto the Tyre.

Get Complete Help about Used Axle Shafts for Your Vehicle:

       50 States Auto Parts is a reputed used part selling firm, having 19 plus successful years. We are here to assist you if you have any questions or concerns about the Axle Shaft, Used Axle Shaft, or any other issues. We have discussed all aspects of axle shafts, further, if you got any queries means call us at the given toll-free number +1 (888)-262-0001. We’ll be able to tell you exactly which one you need and the reasonable price of a used axle shaft is much lower than the market price. 

       50 States Auto Parts can provide standard, oversize, or custom axle shafts. Contact us today to find out more about our services or place an order for a used axle shaft or visit our official website for any other used auto part requirements. 

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