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Used Drive Shaft

    Have trouble turning the steering wheel? If you also hear unusual squeaking noises and feel strange vibrations while your vehicle is accelerating, you may have a driveshaft problem. To do your own driveshaft repair, you’ll need a replacement driveshaft that can withstand a lot of stress while transmitting power.

50 States Auto Parts is offering a diverse selection for your replacement drive shaft of the best quality for what you pay. 

What is Drive Shaft?

    A shaft is a rotating power tool, usually circular in cross-section that is used to transmit power from one part to another, or from a power-producing machine to a power-absorbing machine.

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    The drive shaft is a component of a vehicle’s drive train that transfers torque from the transmission to the differential, which then transmits this torque to the wheels to move the vehicle. Because different components must be in different locations in the vehicle, the drive shaft is primarily used to transfer torque between components that are separated by distance. Because the rear axle and transmission are on opposite sides of the car, a front-engine rear-wheel drive vehicle must have a long drive shaft connecting them.

Purpose of Drive Shaft:

    Drive shafts are used differently in different vehicles, with significant differences in front-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and the previously mentioned front-engine rear-wheel drive configurations. Drive shafts are also used in motorcycles, locomotives, and marine vessels. The drive shaft configuration for a typical front-engine rear-wheel drive vehicle is shown below (some cars have the transmission at the back).

Working Method of Drive Shaft:

    The drive or prop shaft’s primary function is to transmit engine torque from the differential or gearbox to the vehicle wheels. Furthermore, any angle or length changes caused by manipulation or deflection must be compensated for in order to ensure excellent synchronization between the shaft joints.

    The vehicle is equipped with flexible bearings or mountings that connect the transmission unit and engine. The suspension spring, on the other hand, is used to connect the wheels, differential, and rear axle. When the rear wheels hit uneven surfaces, the rear axles move downward and upward, causing the suspension springs to expand and compress. The angle between the propeller shaft and the transmission output shaft is altered as a result.

    The length of the drive shaft varies as a result of this process. Because the drive shaft and rear axle rotate in an arc along with a point on their rotational axis, this change appears.

Types of Drive Shaft:

  • Single Piece Shaft:

    Single-piece shafts are commonly found in four-wheel-drive vehicles and other vehicles with a short distance between the axle and the engine. Friction welding is used to improve the durability, quality, and strength of the single-piece drive shaft.

Issues Associated with it:

    • It is more easily damaged.
    • Large clearance is required to accommodate the shaft and its harmonics.
    • The manufacturing cost of a single-piece shaft is high.
  • Two or Three-Piece Propeller Shaft:

    Two or Three piece shafts are used to prevent driveshaft damage caused by high-speed bending. For four-wheel-drive vehicles and vehicles with a large distance between the axle and the engine, a two- or three-piece shaft is used. Reduce the speed by splitting the driveshaft into two or three pieces.

  • Front-wheel Drive Shaft:

    First and foremost, you should be aware that a driveshaft is not used in a front-wheel drive vehicle. The power to drive the vehicle is provided by the front wheel in front-wheel drive vehicles.

    In contrast to rear-wheel vehicles, which have long drive shafts, all parts of a front-wheel-drive vehicle’s drive train are located in the vehicle’s front area. Instead of universal joints, the wheel drive shaft employs constant velocity (CV) joints.

Symptoms of Bad Drive Shaft:

  • Vibration
  • Knocking noise
  • Squeaking noise
  • U-joint motion
  • Turning issues

Know your Drive Shaft Health:

If you notice any of the symptoms listed below in your vehicle, you should have your drive shaft repaired:

  • While driving, there is a lot of vibration.
  • Often knocking sound
  • The vehicle’s floorboards are vibrating violently.
  • The yoke is rusted.
  • Steering Issues

Reasons behind Breaking of Drive Shaft:

  • Worn universal joints
  • Worn out bushings
  • Deficiency of grease
  • Damaged tubing
  • Miss balancing

How much does it Cost to Repair your Drive Shaft?

The cost of repairing and replacing the drive shaft varies depending on where you live and the part that needs to be repaired.

  • The average cost of a drive shaft replacement ranges from $500 to $1050.
  • Even for a simple repair, you should budget between $1300 and $1700 for the repair process.
  • If you only need to repair a portion of your shaft, the cost ranges from $350 to $850.
  • The cost of repairing four-wheel drives will rise.
  • This type of repair will cost you between $600 and $1800.

Why Used Drive Shaft?

    Proper maintenance and care contribute to the smooth operation of the vehicle, allowing you to get from point A to point B with ease. If your driveshaft breaks, you just need to replace it. Shafts differ between vehicle types, and the price also. Here it incurs some extra amount leading to an expensive replacement.

    Now, one solution to this problem is to replace the faulty drive shaft with the best quality used drive shaft. Purchasing a used drive shaft for your vehicle from 50 States Auto Parts is as simple as ordering pizza while sitting on your couch.

Our Used Engine shipment includes:

  • Performance testing
  • Quality Check
  • Life cycle testing
  • Checks minor cracks or scratches
  • Protective packaging

Drive Shaft Vs Axle Shaft:

    Drive shafts and axle shafts are both used for the power transition that aids vehicle movement. A drive shaft, on the other hand, is a hollow metal tube with universal end joints that transfers power from the transmission to the rear differential gearbox. The power is then transferred to the wheels via the axle shaft.

    Drive shafts are made of solid rods with teeth cut into both ends. Whereas drive shafts are visible in the vehicle’s center, the axle shaft is concealed within the perpendicular place that connects the rear differential gearbox to each wheel.

Get the Best Quality Used Axle Shaft from 50 States Auto Parts:

    Are you looking for the best replacement for the drive shaft for your vehicle? Before buying a new drive shaft, go through this. Buying used auto parts is okay until you end up with a recognized dealer. Now you can get your “Used Drive Shaft” at a much-discounted rate than any other dealer with 50 States Auto Parts.

    50 States Auto Parts specializes in the Used Auto Parts business, get your high-quality drive shafts for all brands, makes, and models. Different types and steel drive shafts with customized sizes. Our expert team will help you get a variety of quality-tested used drive shafts to determine the suitable model for your vehicle. We have connectivity across the US and expertise in selling high-quality used auto parts, used axle shafts, used drive shafts, used ABS, used engines, and other parts at a much-discounted price.

    Our hassle-free service will help you get the Used Drive Shaft within 3 to 5 days to your doorstep. In case you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can claim a refund within the given time frame.

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What Matters Before Buying a Used Drive Shaft?

    The Drive Shaft is most important to balance the movement of your vehicle. Many people without the knowledge of Engines end up buying costly used auto parts products.

  • Affordability: Used Drive Shaft for your vehicle delivers the same performance as the new drive shaft. Using a used drive shaft will save a lot of money.
  • Eco-Friendly: The drive shaft you are purchasing can be thought of as part of a recycling process. As a result, you are saving a fully functional part as well as the car from the landfill.
  • Performance: Purchasing a used drive shaft is unquestionably advantageous. Because the drive shaft has been thoroughly tested in real-world conditions on the road.
  • Low Mileage: Low Mileage drive shaft will last long and quality is also made better.

Check Before Buying Your Used Drive Shaft:

  • Flexible Warranty Options
  • Drive Shaft Seals
  • Conduct an Oil Test
  • Check for physical damages

The Durability of Drive Shaft:

    The lifespan of your drive shaft depends on the usage, the terrain, and made material. Usually, it lasts for 100,000 miles, and for hilly or challenging terrain it decreases rapidly (60,000 miles). You need to check to oil, greasing, and others for the better working of your car’s drive shaft.

When to Change Your Vehicle’s, Drive Shaft?

    Because the entire drive shaft must be removed anyway, replacing the shaft makes more sense than just servicing your drive shaft. Total replacement is a good option as long as your budget matches. Now you need not worry, get the best quality used drive shaft at half price. With 50 States Auto Parts. Depending on usage, drive shafts can last the life of the vehicle or wear out sooner. Here are some indications that your drive shaft should be replaced:

  • Excessive vibrations in moving vehicle
  • Audible clicking during turns
  • The Shaft joint is leaking grease onto the Tire.

Get Complete Help about Used Drive Shafts for Your Vehicle:

    50 States Auto Parts is a reputed used part selling firm, having 19 plus successful years. We are here to assist you if you have any questions or concerns about the Drive Shaft, Used Drive Shaft, or any other issues. We have discussed all aspects of axle shafts, further, if you got any queries means call us at the given toll-free number +1 (888)-262-0001. We’ll be able to tell you exactly which one you need and the reasonable price of a used axle shaft is much lower than the market price.

    50 States Auto Parts can provide standard, oversize, or customized used drive shafts. Contact us today to find out more about our services or place an order for a used drive shaft or visit our official website for any other used auto part requirements.

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