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Used Headlight Assembly

Several lights are placed in your vehicle to help you see inside your cabin and navigate the road. It includes a map light, a park light, tail lights, and, of course, headlights.

It is critical to replace your damaged headlight assembly because it increases your chances of being pulled over by authorities or being involved in an accident in low-visibility conditions. 50 States Auto Parts is providing the best quality used headlight assembly at 20% off and free shipping. You can get all major brands with A to Z tailor-made needs with us.

Used Headlight Assembly | Cheap Rebuilt Headlight Assembly

What is Headlight Assembly?

A pair of fully functional headlights are essential for safe driving. They assist you in seeing oncoming traffic by projecting a light beam in front of your vehicle. 

However, these lights may dim or burn out over time. A typical headlight assembly includes the headlight housing, regular beams, high beams, and turn signal bulbs. While there are many assemblies available on the market, their components are also sold separately if you only need to replace one part. During a collision, your headlight assembly can also become cracked and damaged.

Location and Shape:

Almost all headlamps are made up of two parts: the body and the transparent cover shield. Polycarbonate is commonly used for the body. The body is typically made of polypropylene and filled with fillers such as talc.

Headlamps can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some headlamps are circular, while others are oval. Other types of headlamps, such as those found on SUVs and trucks, are square or rectangular. The vehicle’s headlamps are located in the front. Occasionally, the headlamp design will extend from the front of the vehicle up to the sides by a couple of inches.

Parts of Headlight Assembly:

In a plug-and-play system, the headlight assembly used to be a simple affair that could be easily replaced. Modern vehicles may have lost some of their older designs’ simplicity, but they have gained in technology, efficiency, safety, durability, and other areas.

  • The Housing:

The housing is what fits into the vehicle’s body and holds and protects the bulbs from the elements. 

  • Depending on the model, it may be one piece or multiple pieces
  • Available in different colored lenses 
  • Consists of headlights, parking lights, and turn signals 
  • Protects the bulb from the engine bay and serves as a reflective backdrop to amplify and direct the light
  • The Headlight:

Parking lights, fog lights, high beams, low beams, and turn signals are the most common lights found on modern vehicles, but what is included varies slightly by manufacturer.

  • Halogen bulbs were widely used until recently.
  • LEDs and HIDs are becoming more popular because of simple installation with increased brightness and efficiency. 
  • Vehicles require a little more work, but for the most part, it’s a simple upgrade with a quick payoff.

Types of Headlight Assembly:

There are numerous types of bulbs available for car, truck, and SUV headlights. Every car replacement headlight has both high and low-beam options. Some achieve this by using a single bulb with two filaments. Other designs of light assemblies use two separate bulbs with single filaments.

Halogen, HID, and LED Headlights:

  • Halogen bulbs are the most common type of lamp found in automobiles. While standard halogen lamps do the job, they produce a dimmer white or blue light.
  • When it comes to headlights, the two most common options are high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps and light-emitting diodes (LEDs).
  • HID and LED lamps both produce whiter, brighter light than standard halogen bulbs. Even so, experts warn that not all HID or LED lights will function flawlessly.
  • If you’re thinking about upgrading your headlights for functional or cosmetic reasons, look for high-quality lamps that provide the proper brightness and light pattern.

Replacement of Headlight Assembly:

For better night vision, experts recommend changing your headlight bulbs regularly. Here are some indicators that it is time to replace your headlight bulbs:

  • Flickering lamps: Flickering is a sure sign that your headlight lamps are aging or failing. Flickering bulbs will soon burn out.
  • Cracked headlights: A crack in your headlights caused by a collision can reduce the amount of light delivered, making night driving difficult.
  • Weak light beam: The light beam emitted by your headlights should be powerful enough to illuminate further down the road. Light bulbs that are old or broken will emit a weak beam of light that will only illuminate a small area.
  • Dim bulb: As time passes, headlight bulbs lose their luster and become dimmer and dimmer. Light bulbs that are old or damaged will emit a pale yellow light instead of a bright white light.

Replacing Headlight Assembly:

A faulty Headlight Assembly is equal to a man without eyes at night. This can make your journey as hell as possible. Here know more about Headlight assembly and some of the symptoms of a bad Headlight Assembly and what causes them.

Because of the wide variety of vehicles on the road today, the cost to replace a Headlight Assembly varies greatly. From a basic, economical point of view replacing the Headlight Assembly can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. Depending on the make, model, and year of manufacture, the average cost to replace a Headlight Assembly is currently between $150 and $1,000.

Symptoms of Bad Headlight Assembly:

  • Poor Performance and emission of light
  • Often blackout and leakage in the headlight
  • Issues in switching on the headlight 
  • Loose wiring and faulty bulbs

Top Manufacturers of Headlight Assembly:

  • Bosch Headlight Assembly
  • Walbro Headlight Assembly
  • Carter Headlight Assembly
  • Airtex Headlight Assembly
  • Delphi Headlight Assembly
  • Denso Headlight Assembly
  • Acdelco Headlight Assembly
  • Pierburg Headlight Assembly
  • Spectra Premium Headlight Assembly
  • Mitsubishi Headlight Assembly
  • Motorcraft Headlight Assembly
  • Magneti Marelli Headlight Assembly
  • Vemo Headlight Assembly
  • Valeo Headlight Assembly
  • Meyle Headlight Assembly
  • Retech Headlight Assembly
  • Mapco Headlight Assembly
  • Swag Headlight Assembly
  • Topran Headlight Assembly

Why go for replacing the Used Headlight Assembly?

  • Power and efficiency increases
  • Improves the night vision
  • Improves night traveling

Know When to Change Headlight Assembly:

Reduced night vision is one of the most common symptoms of a faulty Headlight Assembly. If you notice your headlight assembly using more power than usual, it could be because the headlight assembly isn’t delivering its best. A failing bulb or faulty wiring could also cause your headlight to sputter or stall unexpectedly. 

Buying a Used Headlight Assembly:

Purchasing a used Headlight Assembly for your vehicle from 50 States Auto Parts is as simple as ordering pizza while sitting on your couch. 

Our Used Engine shipment includes:

  • Performance testing
  • Quality Check
  • Life cycle testing
  • Checks minor cracks or scratches
  • Protective packaging

What Matters Before Buying a Used Headlight Assembly?

The Headlight Assembly is most important to have a safe driveway home. Many people without the knowledge of Headlight assembly end up buying costly products. 

  • Affordability: Choose a used Headlight Assembly, this will save a lot of money when compared to buying a new one!
  • Eco-Friendly: Purchasing a used Headlight Assembly can be thought of as part of a recycling process, thus avoiding toxic landfills.
  • Low Mileage: Low Mileage Headlight Assembly will last long and quality is also made better. 
  • Guaranteed: 50 States Auto Parts offers you 90 days guarantee and this can be extended further. 

A used Headlight Assembly is as efficient and good as brand new, but you need to get the best quality auto part. For this, you can blindly rely on 50 States Auto Parts for a used Headlight Assembly, rather than purchase a new one. It performs and delivers the same durability at a much lower price.

Get a Used Headlight Assembly Near Me:

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Check Before Buying Your Used Headlight Assembly:

  • Flexible Warranty Options
  • Headlight Assembly Seals
  • Properly wired and working bulbs
  • Check for any hair cracks or minor dents

Extra Benefits of Buying Used Headlight Assembly from 50 States Auto Parts:

  • Choose from 1000+ Inventory Yards
  • Cost-effective and free shipment
  • Supportive customer care and after-sales service
  • Certified used Headlight Assembly and used auto parts
  • Easy refund and return policy 
  • Extendable warranty with hassle-free service

Things to Check before Buying a Used Headlight Assembly:

  • Prefer scratch-less and the compatible car model
  • Observe the design, types, and size
  • Consider the purpose and year of making
  • Buy it from a reputed firm, i.e., only 50 States Auto Parts

If you are facing any issues with your Headlight Assembly, contact us. We will replace your faulty auto parts with the best quality used auto parts. 

How Long Does a Headlight Assembly Last?

The Headlight Assembly is the unsung hero of your vehicle. It makes your journey safe, allowing your car, truck, or SUV to start and run. The Headlight Assembly in your vehicle should last at least 500 to 1,000 hours and expensive assembly can go for over 30,000 hours. If it doesn’t, or if you’re getting dimmed light, you have to change your faulty Headlight Assembly, then replace it with 50 States Auto Parts. For any type of assistance regarding the headlight, used headlight assembly, or any other used auto parts contact us or mail us. 

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