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Pontiac spelled “performance” for General Motors for many decades before the brand was discontinued. Many Pontiac owners will remember cars like the Bonneville, GTO, and Firebird with fondness. Pontiacs aren’t going away anytime soon, with models like the G6 sedan and Vibe compact wagon lasting for years. 

General Motors had long had success marketing Pontiac as a sports car alternative to their other models. Many owners appreciated the distinctive styling and performance enhancements provided. Pontiac owners should select the best available, reasonably priced replacement parts. Any replacement to your faulty car parts can be done with 50 States Auto Parts at the best possible price. 


The Oakland Motor Car, founded in 1907 in Pontiac, Michigan, by Edward Murphy, a horse-drawn carriage manufacturer, was the forerunner to Pontiac. Oakland was acquired by General Motors in 1909, a conglomerate founded the previous year by another former buggy company executive, William Durant. In the 1920s, the first Pontiac model was introduced as part of the Oakland line. The six-cylinder engine-powered car was so popular that the Oakland name was eventually dropped, and Pontiac became its own GM division by the early 1930s.

Pontiac was initially known for producing sedans; however, by the 1960s, it had gained a reputation for producing fast, sporty “muscle cars,” such as the GTO, Firebird, and Trans Am. Pontiac’s sales had peaked by the mid-1980s. Experts believe that in the 1970s and 1980s, GM harmed the Pontiac brand by opting for a cost-cutting strategy that required Pontiacs to share platforms with cars from other divisions. General Motors, which had been the world’s best-selling automaker since the early 1930s, lost the top spot to Japan-based Toyota in 2008. That same year, with sales plummeting amid a global recession, GM was forced to seek a multibillion-dollar loan from the federal government. As part of its reorganization plan, GM announced on April 27, 2009, that the Pontiac brand would be phased out by 2010. On June 1, GM filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, becoming the fourth-largest bankruptcy in U.S. history.

Are Pontiac Auto Parts are Costly to Fix/Expensive?

Pontiac was a luxury brand owned by General Motors, and their vehicles were known for being of average reliability. GM’s engines and transmissions are of exceptional quality. Although these are slightly outdated vehicles, you can expect your Pontiac to require slightly less maintenance than other vehicles.

Pontiac sedans and muscle cars were manufactured by General Motors until 2010 when the brand was discontinued. Pontiac’s average annual repair cost is $460, which is lower than the national average across all brands.

Unless you have a major part failure like engine, transmissions, ABS, etc., you need not worry about major expenses in servicing your Pontiac. As the parts of Pontiac are durable you need not worry about expensive repairs and replacements. If your car is out of warranty then you can save your money by opting for used Pontiac parts with 50 States Auto Parts.

Quality Used Pontiac Parts:

  • Pontiac Engines: Pontiac was known for the powerful engines found in their GTO and Firebird sports cars. Even after the muscle car craze died out in the 1970s, they continued to produce engines that were both powerful and dependable.

However, the engines in some newer models failed due to manufacturing issues. The engine problems were most prevalent in the 2003 Grand Am, with many drivers reporting a leaking intake manifold due to a faulty gasket. Low oil levels, if left unchecked, cause extra wear and tear, which may eventually necessitate engine replacement. 

  • Popular Selling Pontiac Engines:
    • 3.4 Used Engine
    • G3 Used Engine
    • Grand Am Used Engine
    • Sunfire Used Engine
    • Torrent Used Engine
  • Pontiac Transmission: Pontiac transmissions, stand the test of time and provide a smooth drive in every challenging and hard terrain. During its run, Pontiac produced some excellent vehicles, the majority of which had few transmission issues.

If you need to replace the transmission in your car, consider purchasing used Pontiac transmission parts to save money. The first symptom is usually a rough ride, with bucking and jerking, particularly at higher speeds.

  • Popular Selling Pontiac Transmission:
    • 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix Used Transmission
    • Used 2004 Grand Prix Transmission
    • Used 2007 Grand Prix Transmission
    • 2000 Grand Prix Used Transmission
    • G6 Used Transmission

Get a Quote for Other Used Pontiac Car Parts Model:

    • Pontiac (Full Size)
    • Pontiac 10 Series Pickup
    • Pontiac 1500 Series Pickup
    • Pontiac 20 Series Pickup
    • Pontiac 20 Van
    • Pontiac 2000 & Sunbird (82-94)
    • Pontiac 2500 Series Pickup
    • Pontiac 30 Van
    • Pontiac 3500 Series 
    • Pontiac 6000
    • Pontiac Astro
    • Pontiac Avalance 1500
    • Pontiac Avalance 2500
    • Pontiac Aveo
    • Pontiac Aztek
    • Pontiac Beretta
    • Pontiac BLAZER (2019 UP)
    • Pontiac Bolt
    • Pontiac Bonneville 
    • Pontiac Camaro
    • Pontiac Caprice
    • Pontiac Captiva
    • Pontiac Cavalier
    • Pontiac Celebrity
    • Pontiac Chevelle
    • Pontiac Chevette
    • Pontiac Chevrolet (Full Size)
    • Pontiac Citation
    • Pontiac City Express
    • Pontiac Cobalt
    • Pontiac Colorado
    • Pontiac Corsica
    • Pontiac Corvette
    • Pontiac Cruze
    • Pontiac Equinox
    • Pontiac Express 1500
    • Pontiac Express 2500
    • Pontiac Express 3500
    • Pontiac Express 4500
    • Pontiac Firebird
    • Pontiac Firefly
    • Pontiac G3
    • Pontiac G5
    • Pontiac G6
    • Pontiac G8
    • Pontiac Grand Am
    • Pontiac Grand Prix
    • Pontiac GTO
    • Pontiac HHR
    • Pontiac Impala
    • Pontiac LeMans
    • Pontiac Lumina (Car)
    • Pontiac Lumina (Van)
    • Pontiac Malibu
    • Pontiac Metro
    • Pontiac Montana
    • Pontiac Monte Carlo
    • Pontiac Nova
    • Pontiac Optima
    • Pontiac Optra
    • Pontiac Orlando
    • Pontiac Parisienne
    • Pontiac Prizm
    • Pontiac Pursuit
    • Pontiac S-10 Blazer
    • Pontiac S-10 Pickup
    • Pontiac Silverado 1500 
    • Pontiac Silverado 2500
    • Pontiac Silverado 3500
    • Pontiac Solstice
    • Pontiac Sonic
    • Pontiac Spark
    • Pontiac SS
    • Pontiac SSR
    • Pontiac Stepvan
    • Pontiac Storm
    • Pontiac Suburban 1500 Series
    • Pontiac Suburban 2500 Series
    • Pontiac Suburban 3500 Series
    • Pontiac Sunbird
    • Pontiac Sunfire
    • Pontiac Tahoe
    • Pontiac Tempest
    • Pontiac Torrent
    • Pontiac Tracker
    • Pontiac Trailblazer
    • Pontiac Trailblazer EXT
    • Pontiac Traverse
    • Pontiac Trax
    • Pontiac Uplander
    • Pontiac Van
    • Pontiac Van (Full Size)
    • Pontiac Venture
    • Pontiac Vibe
    • Pontiac Volt
    • Pontiac Wave

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