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Few car brands are as well-known for their performance as Porsche. They were founded in 1931 and began developing racing cars after WWII. They quickly competed with the best sports cars made in the United States, gaining international attention. One of the things that owners appreciate about their Porsches is that they can be driven on a daily basis as well as taken to the race track. The Porsche 911 is an icon of design and performance. 

In recent years, Porsche has developed successful performance SUVs, including a four-door model, to appeal to a broader range of drivers. If you are looking for a replacement for your faulty parts, choose used Porsche parts with 50 States Auto Parts.   


Porsche’s history dates back to 1948 when founder Ferdinand Porsche established the Porsche brand with only 200 employees. Later that year, the Porsche 356, the first Porsche model, was introduced, and 52 cars were produced in 1949 in a small garage. A few years later, in 1952, the automaker released its most popular model to date, the 550 Spyder, and the brand only grew from there, with the 10,000th Porsche vehicle hitting the road by the company’s 25th anniversary.

Today, when Bay Area drivers think of Porsche, they think of luxury and high performance vehicles, and with good reason. Porsche now produces a wide range of models that feature powerful engines and a variety of unique comfort and convenience features that distinguish the Porsche brand.

Porsche has created a number of iconic models over the years. Here are four of our personal favorites:

  • The 1948 Porsche 356 was the very first Porsche model, making it a significant model in Porsche’s history.
  • The 1952 Porsche 550 Spyder: It was popular among drivers due to its lightweight body and superior balance. The 550 Spyder was completely redesigned, with the engine now positioned in front of the transmission.
  • The original Porsche 911 was a consumer favorite, and the 1975 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 was turbocharged and became the fastest car in Germany at the time.
  • 2014 Porsche Macan Turbo: The Macan Turbo is an SUV crossover that is not only smooth and sleek but also extremely powerful, with its 3.6L V6 engine producing 400 hp.

They are still a major player in the luxury auto market, with a focus on performance. While owning and maintaining a Porsche is expensive, enthusiasts will tell you that it is well worth the investment. Owners of classic Porsches frequently prefer to repair their vehicles with used Porsche parts, not only to save money, but also to ensure that every component of their vehicle is as authentic as the day it left the factory.


Are Porsche Auto Parts are Costly to Fix/Expensive?

As with most cars, your Porsche will need to be serviced once a year or every 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. Minor scheduled services, such as oil and filter changes and a general inspection, should cost between $200 and $400. Major scheduled services, such as PDK transmission maintenance or brake fluid replacement, can cost up to $1,500.

Expect to pay between $150 and $350 per tire if you need to replace one. If you want high-performance tires, you should expect to pay up to $500 per tire. A complete brake job could cost you up to $1,000, with the potential to cost you up to $1,800, depending on the age and model of your car. Remember that your Porsche is a high-performance vehicle, so when replacing brake pads, you must use parts designed for high-performance vehicles.

Every new Porsche comes with a factory warranty that covers the basics for a set number of years. Parts purchased with 50 States Auto Parts come with the best-extended car warranty. Porsche, like all vehicles, requires routine oil changes, tire rotations, inspections, and other maintenance to keep them running smoothly.

Unless you have a major part failure like engine, transmissions, ABS, etc., you need not worry about major expenses in servicing your Porsche. As the parts of Porsche are durable you need not worry about expensive repairs and replacements. If your car is out of warranty then you can save your money by opting for used Porsche parts with 50 States Auto Parts.

Quality Used Porsche Parts:

  • Porsche Engines: Porsche vehicles are outfitted with engines that are truly exceptional in terms of horsepower and performance. The most common engine complaint is a coolant leak caused by a faulty coolant distribution pipe. This problem is most common in the Panamera and Cayenne models. Low coolant levels can cause your engine to overheat, especially when temperatures are high or the driver is exerting excessive force on the engine. 

While other brands have experimented with electric motors to improve fuel economy, Porsche has largely stayed true to its roots, producing gas engines that are as efficient as they are enjoyable to drive. However, some models have been known to have engine problems. Engine stalling or seizing has been reported but resolved soon after. Their engine components are made of higher quality metal and are thoroughly tested before leaving the factory. 

  • Popular Selling Porsche Engines:
    • Boxster Used Engine
    • 911 Used Engine
    • Cayenne Used Engine
  • Porsche Transmission: Porsche is known for its highly responsive manual transmissions, which are both reliable and fun to drive. Their most recent transmission, the Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK), differs from other manual transmissions in that it employs paddle shifters and two separate gearboxes, creating a driving experience unlike any other.

Porsche’s PDK transmissions are as dependable as they are fast and agile. Some owners reported slipping in third gear, but the transmission should last the life of the vehicle. If you’re experiencing jerking or rough shifting while driving, you should get it checked out right away. Used transmissions can help you save money on repairs while still using high-quality, genuine manufacturer parts.

Unfortunately, the cost of repairing these issues is also significantly higher. If you need to replace the transmission in your car, consider purchasing used Porsche transmission parts to save money. The first symptom is usually a rough ride, with bucking and jerking, particularly at higher speeds.

  • Popular Selling Porsche Transmission:
    • Boxster Automatic Used Transmission
    • Cayenne Used Transmission
    • 996 Used Transmission

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