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Used Steering Column

As vehicles are becoming smarter every day, we are finding technology in places it has never been before.  Steering columns have progressed from a simple shaft used to transfer movement from the steering wheel to the front wheels to a highly complex vehicle component. As a result, it is critical to recognize these components, understand where they are typically found, and how they function.

50 States Auto Parts is the one-stop shop for your used steering column need and any other used auto parts. We provide the best quality, pre-tested, and low mileage use auto parts. Scroll down to know more about steering columns and used steering column replacement for your vehicle.

Used Steering Column | Cheap Rebuilt Steering Column

What is Steering Column?

A steering column is an automobile component that controls the steering as well as a variety of other functions in your vehicle. This column typically houses the ignition switch, turn signals, and windshield wipers.

  • This section of the vehicle also includes a gear selector and cruise control. 
  • The majority of the steering column assembly is housed beneath the dash of the vehicle in the driver’s compartment and protrudes into the engine compartment on the opposite side. 
  • A series of universal joints and solid steel tubing connect the column to the steering components of the vehicle’s chassis.
Find Used Steering Column | Cheap Rebuilt Steering Column

A steering column has several options, including tilt steering, telescopic steering, and swing away steering. The steering column began to evolve as a feature component of the automobile rather than just a utilitarian tool to steer the vehicle during the Golden Age of American automobile design in the 1950s. Luxury features such as a steering column that swings out of the way as the driver enters or exits the vehicle was available. Tilt and telescopic options were also introduced in the late 1950s.

To compete with European automakers, American automotive engineers installed headlight-dimming switches on the turn signal levers of US-made vehicles in the 1970s. Wiper controls and cruise control switches soon found their way onto the steering wheel and turn signal levers. In the 1970s, plastic began to replace steel for both safety and economic reasons, and the chrome adornments that were common on the steering wheel were replaced by less flashy components.

How it Steering Column Work?

Why do some vehicles run smoothly? Why do many drivers complain about their vehicles are not compatible? Great handling makes you feel safe and in control, and it maximizes the effectiveness of traveling comforts. The steering system should be directed effortlessly and precisely with the lightest touch of the wheel.

Find Used Steering Column | Cheap Rebuilt Steering Column

When you turn the steering wheel, the shaft turns with it. This causes the pinion on top of the rack to rotate. The rotation of the pinion causes the rack to move linearly, causing the tie rod to move. The steering wheel is then turned by the tie rod connected to the steering arm.

The amount of turning is determined by the size of the pinion. If the pinion is large in size, it means you’ll get more turns from less steering wheel rotation, making it more difficult to control. A smaller pinion, on the other hand, means the car will be easier to control, but it will require multiple steering wheel turns to corner.

Power Steering and Rack & Pinion:

Power steering systems, also known as power-assisted steering, are common in modern automobiles, particularly trucks and utility vehicles. This provides additional energy to assist in turning the wheels, resulting in less effort required for parking and maneuvering than with simple manual force. The rack and pinion steering system differ slightly from power steering in that it includes an engine-driven pump or electric motor to assist the steering assembly. The system enables higher gear steering, which means you need to turn the steering wheel less to turn the wheels further.

Four Wheel Steering:

Find Used Steering Column | Cheap Rebuilt Steering Column

A four-wheel steering control unit is located behind the car’s rear axle and affects the rear wheels as needed. At low speeds, car wheels turn in opposite directions, but at high speeds, turning all four wheels simultaneously helps to maintain stability and prevent fishtailing.

Having extremely specific four-wheel steering means better handling, even in emergencies. This type of steering system is beginning to appear on Infiniti, Renault, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, and other brands to provide drivers with new levels of drivability and responsiveness while also keeping us safer on the roads.

Find Used Steering Column | Cheap Rebuilt Steering Column

Components of Steering System:

Quality auto steering parts ensure a smooth drive regardless of the make or model of the vehicle. The steering system consists of several components such as axial rods, wheel end bearings, tie rod ends, center arms, drag links, steering rack gaiter kits, and tie assemblies. These steering components are strong and long-lasting enough to provide both strength and durability. 

Symptoms of a Bad Steering Column:

  • Excessive up-and-down or sideways steering movement
  • When turning, there is an unusual noise coming from inside the column.
  • Very hard to rotate steering during turns and reverse

Replacing Steering Column:

  • A vibration in the steering wheel is usually caused by a problem in the vehicle’s front end. 
  • A vibration while driving is usually caused by a problem with tire balance. 
  • A vibration while braking usually indicates a problem with the brake rotor.
  • Failed steering column components can almost always be replaced without replacing the entire steering column assembly.
  • The most common reasons for steering column repair are theft and accident damage.

Wear and Tear of Steering Column:

The steering column is used every time you drive, but it is not subject to the same wear and tear as other components. The steering column in your car should last the life of the vehicle. However, if you drive frequently, especially on curvy roads, you will put more wear and tear on it than someone who primarily drives on the interstate or drives infrequently.

Aside from damage to the plastic cladding, the most common issue with steering columns is wear to the universal joint, which can cause it to bind. 

When to Replace Your Steering Column?

Given the critical nature of the steering column, it’s critical to be aware of a few warning signs of impending failure. These are some examples:

  • The steering wheel turns less than it should.
  • The steering wheel binds in the middle of a turn.
  • The steering wheel has a “loose” feel to it.
  • When you turn the wheel, you hear a clunking sound.
  • When you turn the wheel, you will hear a squealing or creaking sound.

If you’re having any of these problems, you should consider replacing your steering column. Contact 50 States Auto Parts for your used steering column need, get the best quality used steering column at your doorstep without delivery charges. 

Replacing your Steering Columns:

Make sure you buy fit and finish brand-name shocks or Steering Columns. Remember that you have purchased it from 50 States Auto parts. Before choosing for used Steering Columns know more about Steering Columns. It’s also critical to inquire about replacing all worn parts connected to the Steering Columns. 

Why go for replacing the Used Steering Column?

  • Offer the same as the new Steering Column
  • Improves movement of your vehicle
  • Increases the vehicle life
  • Reduce damages to the car

Know When to Change Steering Column:

Increased damage or vibration to your car is one of the most common symptoms of a faulty Steering Column. If you notice your car is not providing a softer ride than usual, it could be because of a faulty Steering Column. Unusual noises coming from the wheel are another red flag. A failing wheel alignment could also cause your car to sputter or stall unexpectedly. 

Buying a Used Steering Column:

Proper maintenance and care contribute to the smooth operation of the vehicle, allowing you to get from point A to point B with ease. Your car may begin to face problems with a faulty Steering Column. This makes the whole car itself very uncomfortable to ride. 

Purchasing a used Steering Column for your vehicle from 50 States Auto Parts is as simple as ordering pizza while sitting on your couch. 

Our Used Engine shipment includes:

  • Performance testing
  • Quality Check
  • Life cycle testing
  • Checks minor cracks or scratches
  • Protective packaging

What Matters Before Buying a Used Steering Column?

The Steering Column is most important to enhance the safe journey, without breaking your bones on the off-road drive. Many people without the knowledge of vehicles and Steering Columns end up buying costly products. 

Find Used Steering Column | Cheap Rebuilt Steering Column
  • Affordability: Choose a used Steering Column, this will save a lot of money when compared to buying a new one!
  • Eco-Friendly: Purchasing a used Steering Column can be thought of as part of a recycling process. 
  • Low Mileage: Low Mileage Steering Column will last long and quality is also made better. 
  • Guaranteed: 50 States Auto Parts offers you 90 days guarantee and this can be extended further. 

A used Steering Column is as efficient and good as brand new, but you need to get the best quality auto part. For this, you can blindly rely on 50 States Auto Parts for a used Steering Column, rather than purchase a new one. It performs and delivers the same durability at a much lower price.

Get a Used Steering Column Near Me:

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Check Before Buying Used Steering Column:

  • Flexible Warranty Options
  • Steering Column Seals
  • Properly wired and cleaned Steering Columns
  • Check for any hair cracks or minor dents

Extra Benefits of Buying Used Steering Column from 50 States Auto Parts:

  • Choose from 1000+ Inventory Yards
  • Cost-effective and free shipment
  • Supportive customer care and after-sales service
  • Certified used Steering Column and used auto parts
  • Easy refund and return policy 
  • Extendable warranty with hassle-free service

How much it Costs to Buy a New Steering Column:

Depending on the make and model, brand new Steering Columns typically cost between $ 500 and $1,500 plus fitting charges. Depending on the quality and brand this price may vary. But 50 States Auto Parts offers the same brand and quality used Steering Columns at half price with free shipment. Then why waste money? Join hands with us to keep your vehicle up and running smoothly!

Things to Check before Buying a Used Steering Column:

  • Prefer scratch-less and compatible car model
  • Check the action and suspension
  • Observe the design, types, and size
  • Consider the purpose and year of making
  • Buy it from a reputed firm, i.e., only 50 States Auto Parts

If you are facing any issues with your Steering Column, contact us. We will replace your faulty auto parts with the best quality used auto parts. 

Steering Column Safety Tips:

  • Keep your vehicle moving as often as possible
  • Drive carefully during off-road trips 
  • Don’t overload your vehicle 
  • Use a high-quality replacement Steering Column

How Long Does a Steering Column Last?

The Steering Column is the unsung hero of your vehicle. It keeps you moving in every terrain under control, allowing your car, truck, or SUV to run smoothly. Any faults in your Steering Column, then replace it with 50 States Auto Parts. For any type of assistance regarding Engine, used Engine, or any other used auto parts contact us or mail us. 

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