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Volkswagen is well-known in the automotive industry as one of the world’s largest automakers. VW knows how to produce care for everyone, from its beginnings as a nationalized German automaker to its current position as a marketing leader in every country. 

Everyone has seen the iconic Beetle, and most have seen the Jetta or Passat, but VW now makes SUVs like the Touareg and Tiguan to compete in the range of automobiles that American drivers prefer. Looking for replacement for your faulty auto part, then 50 States Auto Parts is there to provide best OEM used car parts at much cheaper price. 


The Volkswagen brand’s history began with the “Käfer,” a Nazi prestige project that began development work in 1934. Volkswagen was founded by the German Labor Front, a Nazi organization, and was headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. Hitler’s pet project, in addition to his ambitious campaign to build a network of autobahns and limited access highways across Germany, was the development and mass production of an affordable yet still fast vehicle that could sell for less than 1,000 Reich marks (about $140 at the time).

In 1938, the name was changed to “Volkswagenwerk GmbH,” and the company established its main plant in what is now Wolfsburg. However, due to the outbreak of war and integration in the arms industry, mass production of the Volkswagen (“people’s car”) was halted; instead, military vehicles and other armaments were manufactured using forced labor.

Following the war, the British directed Volkswagen to construct the Volkswagen saloon by the end of 1945. Volkswagen became a symbol of Germany’s economic miracle with the Type 1 (Käfer) model and the Type 2 (Transporter) model added in 1950, owing to the company’s strong export orientation when it was converted into a joint stock corporation in 1960. Innovative and adaptable manufacturing systems first appeared in the 1970s, ushering in a new generation of Volkswagens with the Passat, Scirocco, Golf, and Polo models. Advances in vehicle technology, flexible production, and forward-thinking international cooperation fueled growth in the 1980s.

Volkswagen’s arrival in the United States was not met with a hero’s welcome that predicted its future success. The Volkswagen Type 1 (later known as The Beetle) debuted in 1949, and only two were sold. That had changed by 1959, as the Volkswagen Beetle cemented its place in American culture.

Volkswagen is emerging as one of the world’s most successful volume car manufacturers as its globalization progresses, and it now offers cutting-edge solutions for future issues such as e-mobility and digitalization.

Are Volkswagen Auto Parts are Costly to Fix/Expensive?

The short answer is yes; Volkswagen is more expensive than some other brands. But not all of them. Some models stand at mid-luxury budget, though being fully loaded cars. Yearly maintenance costs an average of $800, and $10,000 during the car’s first decade. This model is less expensive than those from Ford, Chevrolet, Jeep, and Kia. It costs less than $600 more than Nissan, Mazda, and Honda vehicles.

Unless you have a major part failure like engine, transmissions, ABS, etc., you need not worry about major expenses in servicing your Volkswagen. Volkswagen ranks 5th among the most expensive brands for parts. As the parts of Volkswagen are durable you need not worry about expensive repairs and replacements. If your car is out of warranty then you can save your money by opting for used Volkswagen parts with 50 States Auto Parts.

Quality Used Volkswagen Parts:

  • Volkswagen Engines: Volkswagen motors are among the most sdurable and long-lasting on the road today, as expected from one of the most dependable brands. Volkswagen engines on average can last up to 300,000 miles. One recurring issue with Volkswagen engines is that they use a lot of oil, sometimes necessitating the use of extra oil in between services. 
  • Popular Selling Volkswagen Engines:
    • Used Volkswagen EA827 engine
    • Used Volkswagen D24 engine
    • Used Volkswagen D24T engine
    • Used Volkswagen D24TIC engine
  • Volkswagen Transmission: Volkswagen transmissions are designed to last. While CVT transmissions do not last as long as traditional automatic transmissions, they are still well-built and considered some of the best in the industry. 

Transmissions can last 300,000 miles or more with proper care & maintenance. Fluid changes, transmission inspections, and band adjustments regularly can save you thousands of dollars in the event of a transmission failure. The first symptom is usually a rough ride, with bucking and jerking, particularly at higher speeds.

  • Popular Selling Volkswagen Transmission:
    • Used Volkswagen 2020 Golf Transmission 
    • Used Volkswagen 2020 Golf GTI Transmission
    • Used Volkswagen ZF 5HP19 Transmission
    • Used Volkswagen Jatco Transmission

Get a Quote for Other Used Volkswagen Auto Parts Model:

    • Volkswagen Arteon
    • Volkswagen Atlas
    • Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport
    • Volkswagen Beetle
    • Volkswagen Cabriolet Convertible
    • Volkswagen CC
    • Volkswagen Corrado
    • Volkswagen Eos
    • Volkswagen Eurovan
    • Volkswagen Fox
    • Volkswagen Golf
    • Volkswagen Golf GTi
    • Volkswagen Jetta
    • Volkswagen Jetta GLI
    • Volkswagen Passat
    • Volkswagen Phaeton
    • Volkswagen Quantum
    • Volkswagen Rabbit
    • Volkswagen Routan
    • Volkswagen Scirocco
    • Volkswagen Taos
    • Volkswagen Tiguan
    • Volkswagen Touareg
    • Volkswagen Vanagon

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