Warranty -50 States Auto Parts

Thank you for your interest in the products and services of 50 States Auto Parts. We offer a warranty for any damaged/defective or incorrectly shipped parts. A “parts only” warranty is available. Please confirm the warranty period with the sales agent or on the invoice prior to placing your order or payment. Not all parts we sell or trade come under warranty and the warranty period differs from part to part, order to order, and place to place. If there is no mention of a warranty or no clear-cut information by the sales agent, the part is sold the same, 50 States Auto Parts is not responsible for the part’s low mileage, performance, and wear & tear once it is delivered to the customer.

If a part is found to be defective, incorrect, or damaged, we will make every effort to replace it; if a replacement is not available, we will issue a refund for the full amount charged. If another order is placed before the first part is returned, we will require payment for the second part and refund the first order once the part is returned. Refunds will be processed only after the return of the product you purchased. If a part is returned that does not meet the specifications as earlier or returns a completely different item/product/auto part, then 50 States Auto Parts will withhold shipping amounts both ways in the refund.

There are no hidden charges after billing and no labor charges applied to the parts sold by 50 States Auto Parts. We strictly follow the procedure during the whole procedure of order placement, packaging, shipment, and in delivery, everything will be informed to the customer through the “Track ID”. We are not responsible for items delivered to the address provided at the time of purchase but not taken into possession by the customer.

Warranty on Different Auto Parts:


  • Comes without a filter


  • Comes without a filter
  • Clean it completely before installation


  • Additional parts other than those listed do not come under warranty
  • Extra items installed by a mechanic do not come under warranty


  • We only guarantee the ability to be rebuilt for future use and that it will be plug and play.

Electrical items:

  • No electric item comes under our warranty policy


  • Sold with working condition warranty only
  • No warranty on ride quality
  • Only look upon the part is not rusted

Control Arms:

  • Guaranteed no cracks and damages
  • Rubber parts or non-metal parts attached to OEM do not come under warranty

Axle Assemblies:

  • All warranty or extended warranties come with only one time part replacement
  • Improper installation makes void warranty completely

Warranty Terms:
For Freight:

  • 90 days warranty and an option to extension


  • 30 days warranty and an option to extension
  • All warranties begin on the date of purchase, not installation.
  • Warranties are non-transferable and apply only to the original purchaser.
  • All warranty claims must be submitted with the original invoice.

Delivery Policy:

All our shipments are done through standard delivery partners. Once after placement of the order, the delivery period for freight is around 7 to 10 days, and for non-freight around 3 to 5 days. All our claims are based on the standard delivery timings claimed by delivery partners. In special or unusual circumstances delivery duration may be extended or the delivery date postponed to the next scheduled date with prior information to the customer.

Warranty is Not Applicable to: